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These days archery has a very scientific approach; however, the most important thing is that the player should have confidence in his instincts. In terms of technique, mental resolve and discipline it is a very tough sport. Two main types of archery are field archery and target archery. In field archery the player takes on challenges outdoors. It is like a mixture of bush walking and golf with archery. Target archery is the more common of the two types. Tournaments are conducted both indoors and outdoors. Shooting distance and target size varies depending on where the tournament is held, indoors or outdoors.


Like any other sport you definitely need the proper equipment to play. Most importantly, you need a bow and an arrow but with the changing times more and more advanced equipments are available in a large variety. Whether you are entering in a tournament, going hunting or just playing for enjoyment, there is a wide range of equipment and accessories available in the market. Like mentioned before, bow and arrow are the two main things but there are many additional accessories that you can have. There are many arrow cases available in the market for carrying your arrows. These cases are built to keep your arrows separated and secure. You can carry a lot of arrows in these cases, from 18 to 36 at a time. There are many different types of bow cases available as well.


Another very useful type of archery equipment is the silencer, which guarantees reduced noise and friction. There are three kinds of silencers available; the bullet slide, release loop and whisper prong. You can also get an accessory known as the “sight”.


Other than bow and arrows, another important accessory is the target. Flat targets are used most often for practicing aim. Players practice to shoot in the middle of the target that is a bull’s eye, worth 10 points. As the target moves away from the middle the points become lesser and lesser. 3D targets are used in completions where archers have to shoot 3D animals.


For any player, regardless of the sport he plays, his equipment is very dear to him. And one definitely wants to store his sport equipment in a secure way. The bow and especially the arrows may be damaged if not kept properly and for this purpose there are a number of archery racks available in the market. There are racks that are already made and complete and then there are those which you can assemble yourself. An Archery Rack helps you to keep your equipment secure and well organized. The Archery Rack can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor like your dresser or table, depending on the size and type of the rack.


Archery is a sport that was loved by royals and was a need for other for getting food. With the changing times and popularity of other sports it has lost its previous glory, however, it is still played and enjoyed by many.