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A Bow And Arrow


How To Make A Bow And Arrow

A Bow And ArrowThe type of bow I'm making is a European styled flatbow. This bow was used for hunting and fighting in Europe. The first step to making one of these bows is to get a hatchet or axe and a bush knife. Then you need to find a nice hard-wood tree to make a stave. Once you completed these steps cut the tree down at the bottom, cut the limbs off, and bring it to your work place. This is where the bush knife comes into play. Take your bush knife and take ALL the bark off.

Then put your left hand on the tip of the blade and the right hand on the handle and angle it down and towards you. Then slide the blade with force on the wood and slice it until you reach the core with is the extremely hard part in the middle. Get this done on all sides until nothing is left but that. Once that's done, you should have a piece of wood about 2 inches in diameter. If all of these steps are done, you need to take your bush knife and slice about half an inch into the stave until it's a rectangular board. It now should be about 1 1/2 wide and .40-.50 of an inch thick and somewhere around 60-72 inches long.

Now, about one inch from the top and bottom cut it to a point, so it meets in the middle. Then, take a file and file a notch on the top and bottom for your bow string. At this point you need to rub Danish oil on all the sides of the bow. Once this is all done, get some nylon and string your bow. Leave the bow in place for about 1 week. If you fire it before then the bow will most likely crack or break. After the week has passed, get an animal leg tendon or any type of muscle tissue, along with some animal fat. Once done take the leg tendon or muscle and hammer it into strands and place onto the bow stave, then burn the animal fat until a paste.

Then place onto the bow over the strands. Make sure that you cover the WHOLE area with strands and paste. Let dry for 1 month if using animal fat and 2 weeks if using regular glue. After all of this is done it's time to make the arrows. Try to find a nice cedar sapling, if you can't find cedar use any hardwood that is straight and about 0.25 inches thick. Once again use Danish oil on it once its de-barked. Get any arrow-head either online or by black smithing it yourself. Latch the arrow-head on with left-over tendon strands and use glue to secure it. Then get some goose feathers, cut them in half and glue three on the arrow. After all of the above is done you should have a extremely well functioning bow and arrow.

By Joshua B. Kennedy - Firearm and edged weapon specialist, bladesmith, published author, active in cutlery and firearms NRA member. I like reviewing cutlery and firearm products to help inform people interested in a particular produ...