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Archery CasesArchery bow cases, or quivers as they are normally called, have two main functions. First they must be solid enough to protect archery equipment and keep it safe. Second, they serve as the basic storage facility for arrows, bows, string, fletching and other archery equipment when it is not in use. Even though archery is mainly used for sport these days, it is still very essential that bow cases serve these two very important functions.

After all, the consequences of not having protective bow cases to store arrows would be detrimental. This equipment could harm someone accidentally if it is not carefully stored and protected. In addition, this equipment is pretty costly to replace, so it should be protected at all times. Thus, this article is going to provide a few things that one should take into consideration when shopping for Archery Cases.

Types of Quivers

There are different types of bow cases to choose from. First, there is the kind that one can put on the hip. It is lightweight and easy to carry; however, it is not ideal for hunting in thicker woods because it might become tangled or snagged on tree branches and shrubs. Second, there are the more popular detachable quivers. They are good for any type of purpose because they attach to the bow, but can be removed when a shot is made. This makes them lightweight, easy to carry and convenient. As a matter of fact, many pros like to use these types of Archery Cases the most. Keep in mind that bow cases carry a lot of heavy equipment. Purchase bow cases that make it easier to transport this stored equipment. However, also purchase ones that provide an adequate amount of needed protection.

Size of Quivers

As can be expected, Archery Cases are available in many different sizes. Quite obviously, it will depend on the individual archer as to which size is the best. How many arrows are needed during the hunt? How much can one afford to pay for a bow case? Is there a need for more than one quiver? These are the types of questions that one has to consider in reference to the size of archery cases.

Equipment Space

How much space is needed to store all equipment? Make sure that the archery bow case has enough space for all the necessary equipment. Do not try to squeeze too much equipment into smaller spaces. Remember, this equipment is very expensive and should be treated as such. Shop around for cases that have enough space for every item that must be transported. It would be disheartening to have to replace equipment that was not properly protected.

In conclusion, archery bow cases serve as both protection and storage for archery equipment. In order to accomplish this effectively, there are a few things that the average archer should take into consideration when shopping for new bow cases. Make sure that the case is easy to carry, is the right size and has enough equipment space for the equipment that it has to protect and store. Remember that this is costly equipment that has the possibility of harming others, if it is not properly secured. Purchase the right quiver that can do the job correctly