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Archery Equipment - Competitions and Their Differences

Archery RacksArchery is not a sport that gets a lot of notice nowadays, but it is still a sport that is in full swing. The Archery Shooters Association has its headquarters in Georgia and hosts many competitions every year. The two greatest competitions are the ASA Federation and the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour.

There are certain standards that each of these competitions hold to such as a direct set of competition rules, professionally set up shooting ranges, very high standards for Archery Equipment and usage; many different safety standards, and the largest paybacks in competitive archery.

The scoring for these competitions is done by giving points for each arrow that range from 0-14. Zero points is when the arrow misses the target, five is for when the arrow hits anywhere on the body of the target, ten points for the 4-5 inch center circle, or 12 points for the smaller ring by the bottom or top of the 10-ring. Depending on what Archery Equipment you use, your skill in shooting can be very good or very bad.

There are differences between the ASA Federation and the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour. The ASA Federation supports 300 clubs in 30 states that provides everyone the chance to shoot at least once. In order to get archery to be given more notice and credence in America, the ASA Federation takes a direct focus on 3-D Archery, the growth of that sport, and youth education and training. Year-round, there are local, state, and national tournaments conducted that any archer is allowed to attend whether they are professional or not. The ASA Federation has experienced archers and coaches that can show you how to use the Archery Equipment properly so you can compete in one of the tournaments should you choose to.

On the other hand, the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour is a national series of six Pro/Am Tournaments, plus the Championship "Classic." In order to compete, there is an entry fee. You pay based on which competitive division you are in for the pro and amateur classes. The prizes for these competitions include cash, trophies, and even points that rack up so you can get the "Shooter Of The Year" award in your class. Besides the excitement of watching the competition, over 40 of the top archery and outdoor manufacturers come to this event to show off and sell their latest and greatest Archery Equipment.

Archery may not be a well noted sport now, but with the ASA Federation and the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour, it should get more recognition in coming years. With that recognition will also come training in the skill and usage of Archery Equipment.

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