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How to Set Up a Bow And Arrow Target Range
By []Frank L. Johnson

The sport of archery provides a way for people to develop focus and discipline. For both beginners and advanced archers alike, having a dedicated practice space is key to improving your skills. When you have a bow and arrow, targets play an important part in this set-up. If you're fortunate enough to have a large space in your yard, setting up a target is a fairly simple task. To set up your backyard archery range, you'll need a target mat, target face, measuring tape and some wooden stakes.

1. Choose the location in your yard. Be sure it's a large enough for the yardage you plan on shooting. Ideal locations include areas facing the woods and large, flat fields.

2. Purchase the proper types of targets. There are several basic types. If you're interested in competition archery, FITA-style targets can be your best option. Hunters may want to stick to 3D animal targets or block archery targets. Depending on the target type, you may need to purchase a stand to go along with it.

3. Set up the archery target and mark its location with a wooden stake. This is to help you find the spot again if you take the target down. Depending on the location of your backyard archery range, it may be wise to set up archery netting behind it. This specialized netting is designed to stop arrows that miss the target. It may also help make the search for lost arrows easier as you'll know they can't be beyond a certain point.

4. Measure the distance from the location you'll place the target and the location from which you'll shoot your Bow And Arrow. In the United States, people usually base this on yards. Ten yards is suitable for a young child or beginner archer, where more advanced archers may shoot 50 to 60 yards and up. Use a wooden stake to mark this point. It may also be helpful to place a long board or chalk line in the dirt to serve as the line on which to stand.

5. Take down your archery targets at the end of a practice session and keep them in a covered shed or indoor space. Proper Bow And Arrow target care ensures a long life for the product. Keeping them sheltered when not in use protects them from the elements.

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