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Bow Packages

Bear Bow Packages Great For Beginners
By []Dan Rasinweil

Just like most sports and activities, getting set to become a bow hunter can be expensive. Between buying the bow, arrows and other accessories, the costs can really add up if you're not careful. For beginners one of the most efficient and least expensive ways to purchase your first round of equipment is to purchase a bow package from a respected bow manufacturer. One company that sells great quality bows and other accessories in packages is Bear Archery. Since 1933 the idea behind Bear bows has been to build exceptional quality bows that perform well while you're out hunting and that will last for many years.

Bear Archery has assembled some great quality Bow Packages that work well and will help a beginner get all they need to get started in one package. These packages are an exceptional value and by bundling the various accessories together with the bow in one package, a Bear bow package is good deal.

One such package that offers consumers a great value for their money is the Fred Bear Lights Out compound bow package. This popular package includes one of the best bows when compared to any of it's closest competitors in a similar price range. With a perimeter weighted single cam and pivoting limb locks, this is a great starter kit. With an arrow speed of 300 feet per second, you'll be able to take down just about anything you shoot at. Also included in this Bear bows package a set of 6 Custom carbon arrows as well as 6 XX75 Camo Hunter Aluminum Arrows, a sight, quiver, choice of two arrow rests, a 3pk of broadheads, a hard case, stabilizer, wrist sling, release and peep sight. Basically you have everything that a novice bow hunter would need to get out into the wilderness. No need to purchase any other accessories; just get out and hunt.

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