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Top 10 Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos

Broken Rack Archery I love to deer hunt. In fact, every spare minute that I can fit in during the months of October and November are spent deer hunting. For the other 10 months of the year, I think about hunting, and prepare for the upcoming season. I often get my fix in the off season by watching deer hunting videos. I recently discovered that YouTube has a plethora of deer videos as well as deer hunting videos. Here are a few YouTube videos that I particularly like. Just to give you a warning, some of these videos include killing shots, and so may not be to the liking of all viewers.

10. Young Girl's First Buck. There is nothing like watching a young hunter get his or her first deer. Hunting of all sorts is a declining sport. It is imperative that we get the next generation involved. Hunting is necessary for proper game management and conservation, so if we end up with having no young hunters, we will lose a vital tool in our conservation efforts. It is also very good to see this girl hunting. Hunting has been thought of as a male sport, and is indeed still male dominated. Daddies should definitely take their daughters hunting, if they want to go! The only bad thing about this video is that the cameraman missed the final shot. It is great to see the excitement on this young girl's face.

9. Big 8 Point Hunt. This hunt shows a beautiful buck being taken by rifle in Texas. The video also shows several other deer feeding through in front of the camera, including some nice bucks. The hunter obviously was waiting for a more mature buck, and chose a dandy. He also takes a good, ethical shot, putting the deer down with one shot.

8. Smashing Decoy. This video shows just how defensive deer can become during the rut (breeding period). This young buck was ready to take on any other buck that came to challenge him. In this case, it turned out to be a buck decoy that was set up to attract other deer. Of course, when the deer charged into the decoy, it completely destroyed it. When the hormones are raging, these whitetail bucks can put up a fight. Be sure to check out some of the fighting videos later in the list!

7. Piebald Deer. Albinism is one of the rarest abnormalities in nature. Albino deer are rarely seen, and in nature they often do not last very long, since they are missing their natural camouflage. This clip shows a piebald deer, that is one that is not truly albino, but which has much more white hair to its hide than normal. This is a beautiful anomaly, which is rarely seen, and even more rarely filmed.

6. The Bedded Buck. Deer hunting is about stealth. Add a bow to that mix, and stealth becomes even more important. Deer are such wily creatures; it is very difficult to get close enough to one to be able to get a shot off. This video shows a hunter stalking to within bow shot of a bedded buck, which is challenging enough, but he also makes a great shot, which is very difficult on a deer that is bedded down. This is the ultimate challenge in deer hunting, and this video shows it executed perfectly!

5. Kansas Bow Hunt. This video shows a beautiful Kansas whitetail buck passing very near this hunter's tree stand. This video also shows the importance of having well sharpened broad heads on your arrows. The arrow passes right through both lungs on this buck, and he hardly even knew it! He simply walked off, laid down, and died. That is what every hunter works for: a quick, well placed, ethical shot.

4. The Fighting Bucks I. This video is amazing. It shows two monster bucks fighting. What makes it really interesting is that one of the deer has been shot by an archer. The hunters are watching the two deer as they continue to fight. The two bucks have their horns locked together, which is certainly not uncommon when it comes to bucks of this size, but when one of the bucks dies, it is difficult to get them separated. At the end of the video, you can see the hunters separating the deer, and the surviving deer is too exhausted to run away. Some people may think that shooting a deer that is fighting like this is unethical. Many times, when deer get their horns locked together like this, they will both die, especially when they are close to water, as these bucks were.

3. Whitetail Attacks Hunter. This video shows that deer are not the harmless, helpless animals that so many people think that they are. They are very capable of inflicting great pain on other creatures. This buck attacks a bow hunter by standing up on his back legs and slashing with his front feet. This is a tactic that deer often use with one another when fighting over food, or territory. They can also use it on other animals to protect themselves. This time, the buck protected himself against a hunter!

2. The Fighting Bucks II. This video shows just how intense a fight between two whitetail bucks can get. Bucks can fight so violently that they kill one another. This video shows just how long this type of fight can last. Notice how one of these bucks gets its leg stuck in its rack, and can't get it free. It was fortunate not to get the leg broken as it struggled to free it!

1. Archery Hunt. This is another amazing deer hunting video. This archer takes an unbelievable buck, which expires within sight of the camera. But, the even more amazing part of the video is the second buck that comes in after the first buck dies! The second buck comes in, intent on fighting with the first buck. He actually approaches the downed buck, and tries to engage him in a fight. The hunter has to start hollering at the buck, and tries to drive him off! It is amazing what those raging hormones will do to a deer.

These videos are a great way to fill the time between deer seasons. These videos show some great characteristics of whitetail deer, and there are many more like them floating around YouTube.

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