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Martin Archery Bengal Compound Bow - The Best Selection For Beginners

Martin ArcheryMartin Archery, one in all the oldest makers of compound bows with over fifty eight years of experience, produces some of the best and most correct compound bows obtainable out there today. With compound bows ranging the gamut of value ranges and designs, Martin Archery makes a model for every shooter. Owning a Martin Archery compound bow is an experience that each archery enthusiast can appreciate. Their years of compound producing experience and their dedication to the task of manufacturing only the finest quality archery equipment makes superior technology a given in any bow created by the team at Martin.

Whereas many of the Martin bows are wonderful for their quality workmanship, superior speed, and performance standards, each archer has different talent levels. Since the beginning of the story is sometimes a nice place to start out, I can begin with what I consider to be one among the best bows around for a starting adult archer. The Bengal from their highly revered Gold Series is, in my mind, one among the most forgiving and simply mastered bows on the market.

The Bengal has several statistics that the archery aficionado can appreciate moreover, but for currently I prefer to concentrate on the items that will create the beginner appreciate this bow that can offer them "more bang for his or her buck"!

Beginning with an eighty% let off on its faster M-a pair of Pro Cam, the Bengal is simpler to hold for extended periods of your time for a starting archer than a traditional 65% let off bow. As every beginner will tell you, at some purpose those muscles you do not use for something else begin to quiver. Combine that with weighing in at only 3.5 lbs this bow is straightforward to carry at full draw for extended periods of time.

With an optional draw stop, another novice friendly device that enables the archer to come to the identical spot time after time, this bow will build the beginner additional correct immediately. With consistency a key ingredient, the thinner torque free riser and therefore the seven" brace height makes the Bengal forgiving (and for you novices I mean your lefts and right are not quite so.....left and right). The M-2 series Cam conjointly reduces the shock which once more, increases accuracy. The less I have to "fight" my bow and my shot, the better my results.

And at last, the integrated shelf system makes for one less issue the novice has to fret concerning getting on the bow correctly. The Thermal V Leather grip provides a pleasant firm grip without slipping and sliding around, and fits nicely in the hand with simply the right quantity of tilt to the riser to stop wrist strain. Overall, I would rate the Bengal as an glorious first choice for a beginner who needs a bow they will shoot simply and accurately.

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