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Martin Bow

Score Your Next Trophy With Martin Archery Equipment
By []Michael Dinapolis

With almost sixty years in the business, the Martin Archery Equipment company is synonymous with quality and innovation. The founders of the company, Gail and Eva Martin, started out making archery equipment in their home, and have since built one of the most well-respected lines of products in sport hunting.

Focusing on tradition, and with a desire to promote family involvement in the sport of archery hunting, the Martins could not be more pleased that their sons, Terry and Ryan, are now integral members of the business. Terry is the true innovator in the family, holding more than 25 patents for improvements on bows used for both target shooting and hunting. Ryan's focus is determining the needs of archery enthusiasts and testing new products in the hope of fulfilling those needs.

When you pick up a Martin Bow, it takes only that moment to understand the passion that goes into every product they create. The balanced feel, the durable materials, the innovative designs and the precision workmanship will make any archery lover's heart race. The Martins have bows for every need, including adult and youth bows for target shooting, hunting, and bow fishing. They have not only compound bows but traditional recurves and longbows as well.

An interesting feature of Martin bows is their aesthetic appeal. Martin bows are not just amazing to hold, they are beautiful to look at. Of particular note are the recurves and longbows. Stunning natural woods are carved, polished and laminated to create a weapon of great accuracy and equal beauty. Pride of ownership is often cited as a reason for owning a Martin Bow.

As passionate as the Martin's are about the quality of their bows, they are no less so with the accessories that they offer. Whether the item was designed by the Martins or chosen from a select few vendors whose products meet the rigorous Martin standards, they refuse to put their name on anything that isn't top notch. From bow strings to wrist guards, quivers to clothing, arrows to targets, the Martins have you covered.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport, you owe it to yourself to learn about Martin Archery Equipment. You may never need to look at another brand again.

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