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Martin Bows


Martin Bows

Popular Archery Bows and Accessories
By []Craig Leigh

Archery bows should be regarded as an investment in fun and recreation, especially if they are used for target shooting or bow hunting.

Choosing an archery bow to replace an old one can be easy because there are more than a hundred different brands selling different types of bows that would suit any archer's preference and shooting style. Most brands cater to serious archers but there are those that sell equipment to starters and amateur target shooters as well.

Most leading archery stores offer a wide range of archery bows and arrows made from excellent materials and will ship them to archers who order them worldwide via their online store.

Some of the popular archery brands are Bear, PSE, Martin and Hoyt. These companies also have many accessories available like; arrow quivers, broadheads, bow sights and stabilizers.

Some stores stock bows, like the Martin Pantera Target bow, which is red in color, the Martin Pantera Camo, the Martin Warthog MAG Camo, and the Bear Young Gun Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package which is one of the modifiable bows available.

Longbows and crossbows are also becoming popular again with hunters and archers.

Most online stores carry the Bohning archery tools line, one of the most popular brands in archery.

Easton Legacy prides its customers with state of the art archery equipment, which includes all types of high standard arrows made of carbon fibre and aluminum, archery bows and accessories, as well as archery gear such as quivers. Their equipment are affordable and do not cost more than the usual price as compared to industry standards for good quality.

Some of the latest archery bow editions would include: the Martin Cheetah bow which has a cheetah print design, a brace height of 7-1/4 inches, weight of 3.4 pounds, and a let-off of 65 to 80%. Arrows deployed with this bow speeds up to 320 fps. Very light, and really compact and slim, this bow makes no noise whatsoever, no vibrations or recoil. Martin have bows for men, women, teens and kids who would like to harness their skill in target practice or professional target shooting.

Some of the other featured bows would be the Hawk Bow which comes with a target kit, complete with arrows, a target board, and other accessories, and the T1 Recurve Men's Bow, which are both great starter bows and an excellent choice for male archers. The T1 bow is made of a wooden riser, fibreglass laminated bow limbs, and heavy duty arrow rests. The draw weight of 26 to 32 pounds and can be used by males ages 16 and above.

There are a huge variety of archery brands and accessories out there just waiting for some archery fun.

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